Jan 6, 2009

It's Not Fair!

We've all heard life's not fair, but something deep within us cries for things to be set right. I believe it is the part of us that is made in the image of a just God.

The good news is, although it may not be fair right now, one day it will be fair. And that's a guarantee! God paid Job back double for all he had lost. He promises to restore the years the locusts have eaten. In 2 Corinthians 4:16-18, he assures us that our heavenly reward will be exceedingly beyond our suffering now. And in the last verse of Psalm 27:13-14, we are promised that we will see the goodness of God in our lives here on earth.

Sometimes the justice of God feels kind of scary, like He's "up there" with a judge's robe and gavel just waiting to get us for messing up. But it is more like the part of us that wants to see the good guys win in a movie. He just makes things fair ... the catch is it takes time.

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