Aug 26, 2009

Spirit Song

This poem came to mind that I wrote many years ago ... on a typewriter! ... yep, I'm old. I thought it might be an encouragement. (Blogger wouldn't let me upload a high-quality image so it's a bit blurry ... sorry!)

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Aug 11, 2009

What do I *ultimately* want?

The fact that Jesus lives in our hearts can give us direction in finding His will.

The Law (including our "shoulds") is on the outside like a weight. It's an obligatory feeling that I should do X. But there is nothing inside me that resonates with this feeling.

In contrast, because God is in my heart, He wants to express Himself through me: to live through me, to speak through me, to touch through me, to see through me, to love through me. Therefore, God's will is usually a gentle pressure in my heart that comes from within wanting to get out.

Discerning whether something is coming from within or without is one way to distinguish God's will. He most often (not always) directs us through our desires, rather than "shoulds." Even though God's will might be uncomfortable and not what I immediately want, if I ask myself what I ultimately desire, it is usually God's plan.

One example is eating a box of brownies. I may want to eat them. But ultimately I want to be healthy and to be a normal weight. If I become long-sighted, and keep my "eyes on the prize," I will make the right decision and forego the brownie.

This is not a hard-and-fast rule, but it is a helpful principle. If something feels like a pressure from within, and resonates with what I ultimately want, it's usually from God. If it is an obligatory pressure from outside, it is probably not God.

Hope this adds some clarity to your life!

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Image: Kremke Watch Company

Aug 2, 2009

Kicking the fear habit

How can this little rat be so happy sitting on that bomb? Perhaps he's become willing for the worst to happen?!

That's my technique for overcoming fear. It sounds unpleasant, but I promise if you try it, it will take the power out of any fear you are experiencing. The thinking that gives fear it's power is, If that happens it will be terrible, horrible, beyond my ability to bear! So the first step is to imagine the worst-case scenario, and go there with God in your mind. What would you do? What might God do? Would you survive? If not, what then?

Then comes the next step in the process. Believe for the best to happen! What is the best possible outcome? Imagine it and set your sights on it. This is not presuming upon God, but simply developing a positive outlook. You will be happier if you're believing for the best.

Prepare for the worst; believe for the best, and you will find peace! Promise.

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IMAGE: Blue Sky Disney
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