Mar 13, 2011

Love and Honesty

Love and honesty. Love and truth. This pair just can't be separated. Like birds that mate for life, one dies when the other is gone.

Love without honesty becomes spineless sentimentalism. You get a very "nice" person who is incapable of maintaining healthy relationships. He either becomes a doormat or disappoints his friends with promises that never become realities. He is incapable of saying a hard thing when that is the most loving action to take. Love without honesty is dead.

Honesty without love is weaponized. This person bludgeons others with the truth. She becomes a tank rolling over the lives of her friends. She'll say the hard thing, but without sensitivity, and push others away, leaving casualties in her wake. Honesty without love is dead.

But when love is tempered with honesty, you get life and health. You get a person that can set healthy boundaries and gently confront in a way that leaves others feeling perhaps challenged but valued. This person is not "nice" in the worldly sense, but instead, is kind and truthful, attracting others to himself and to God. He is faithful, like a bird that mates for life.



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