Nov 5, 2012

God's Goofy Kids

As you probably know by now, I'm stupid in love with my animals. I'm sure people sing silly songs about their children, however, since we can't have children, I sing over my pets just to amuse myself and let them know I love them.

Today is your lucky day. You are about to be graced by my lovely singing voice and some cute pictures of my animals. Turn up your speakers, but not very loud. I'm just warning you.

This is a silly song about, Ladybug, a diffuse calico Manx who lived with us for 17 years. We lost her to kidney failure in 2010.

OK, now a little walking song. I'm very conscientious about cleaning up after my dogs, and so, to make "light" of transporting baggies and baggies and baggies of doggie "muffins" (my dogs are prolific, I'm telling you), I made up a little song. This video features our extremely brave blind dog, Snickers!

Now, the point. (I suppose you thought I forgot that.) Did you ever realize that God sings songs over us?  (Zephaniah 3:17) Imagine the warm feelings you get for your children, or a favorite pet, or chocolate chip cookies and milk. God has the same emotions toward you, but more. (OK, maybe not the cookies and milk.) Right now, God is loving you, laughing at you and thinking you are pretty dang cute.

Jesus called God Abba, pretty scandalous in his religious culture. The English translation of this word as "father" is unfortunate, in my humble opinion. Abba is a baby word. I learned this as a speech pathologist. Words that mean mother and father in every language are based on baby sounds:  !Kung ba, Aramaic abba, Mandarin Chinese bàba, Persian baba, and French papa (all "father"); or Navajo amá, Mandarin Chinese māma, Swahili mama, Quechua mama, and English "mama." This is because these are the first sounds an infant is able to make. I guess it is like us egocentric adults to think they are talking about us. They are probably giving a theological treatise on the Trinity and we miss the whole thing because we think they are trying to say mama!

Takeaway: God has the same feelings for us, his babies, that we have for the things we love the most. Different in degree but not in kind. Believe it: God delights in you!


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