Mar 18, 2013

Abandon Ship?

They were bailing for all they were worth, but it seemed that the next wave that plunged over the boat would be the last.

As is often the case, we think of praying as the last resort, which is why the disciples waited until this moment to wake Jesus. I always assumed  that he could sleep because he knew the future of the fishing vessel. But the exhaustion of healing and encouraging hundreds of people over countless hours, caused a slumber so profound that it was difficult to rouse him.  As the shouts and shaking penetrated his deep sleep, Jesus woke up angry.

"What is it?? Can't a guy get any down time? This better be good." He groggily stood  up on deck and looked around at the wind, the waves, and the hysterical disciples.

"Quiet!!" he bellowed more to the unbelieving fishermen than the storm. "After all you have seen, do you have no faith at all?"

Silence. Calm. Absolute quiet.

Glaring at the now-blissfully-silent disciples, he said, "Now leave me alone and let me get some sleep," and turned to go back into the hold.

Was Jesus as human as he was divine? Does Scripture come to us as a skeleton, sometimes no more than an outline, so that we can put ourselves and our experiences into the story? The outcomes can be  insightful and revealing, even though we are merely speculating.

Sacrilegious? Join the fisherman on their voyage and decide for yourself.

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