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Jan 30, 2014

Lessons from a Hummingbird

When a hummingbird builds a nest, the bird does not think ahead of time, "I will build a beautiful nest." She instinctively gathers tiny sticks, feathers, and soft things that please her, mindfully and enjoyably doing what is natural, just one pleasing piece at a time. And then, as if by magic, a beautiful, safe nest is created by God.

"Do you think lightly of the riches of [God's] kindness and tolerance and patience, not knowing that the kindness  [safeness, love, goodness and beauty] of God leads you to repentance?" (Romans 2:4 - words in brackets mine)
When we see that God is tender, and become still with that safeness, and do just one thing mindfully in freedom and faith, we effortlessly build something beautiful from God. 

Oct 26, 2012

He stoops down to make me great - Psalm 18:35

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Once upon a time, there lived a king who was a grizzly bear. This bear was a hunter and a mighty warrior — enormous and mighty.  He was so very big that the ground trembled when he walked!

It happened, as he was moving through the forest, that his heavy steps shook the trees sent the birds into flight.  There was a tiny thud and the giant turned to see what had fallen. A spot of red and a tuft of yellow caught his eye.

Laying his bow and arrows down, the king stooped very, very low and squinted to see what it was. There among the moss and ferns was a tiny creature, covered in blood. A chick had fallen from it's nest! His footfall had done this thing!

The king looked closely at the broken little body and was remorseful and filled with compassion. King Bear lay down beside the poor animal and waited to see if there was any sign of life.
King Bear lay down beside the poor animal and waited

He waited and waited. He was still lying beside the tiny form when he shadows grew long and he was about to give up. The bird was dead.

Just then there was a tiny movement, and the bear's heart beat faster. It was alive after all! "Hurrah!" said the king, "I shall give you the best care in the kingdom — nothing shall I withhold from you."

Then, very, very carefully, he used his nose and mouth to pick up the chick and nuzzled it into the fur on his neck.

The bear lived in a giant cave. Torches lit the sparkling walls and it was very beautiful. There, royal doctors worked over the little body to save the chick. But it hovered between life and death, day after day.

Slowly, the bird grew stronger, until one day the doctors looked in and the chick was happily pecking for food!

"You shall sit with me on my throne"
With time, it grew well and strong and gained even more of the king's favor, because the bird was good and kind. "You shall sit with me on my throne and rule alongside me," said the giant. And so the tiny chick became second only to the king in authority, and all the land marveled at the greatness of this tiny creature.


We who are wounded and helpless become great in the kingdom of God because of His great mercy and compassion. (Psalm 113:5-7)
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