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Mar 13, 2011

Love and Honesty

Love and honesty. Love and truth. This pair just can't be separated. Like birds that mate for life, one dies when the other is gone.

Love without honesty becomes spineless sentimentalism. You get a very "nice" person who is incapable of maintaining healthy relationships. He either becomes a doormat or disappoints his friends with promises that never become realities. He is incapable of saying a hard thing when that is the most loving action to take. Love without honesty is dead.

Honesty without love is weaponized. This person bludgeons others with the truth. She becomes a tank rolling over the lives of her friends. She'll say the hard thing, but without sensitivity, and push others away, leaving casualties in her wake. Honesty without love is dead.

But when love is tempered with honesty, you get life and health. You get a person that can set healthy boundaries and gently confront in a way that leaves others feeling perhaps challenged but valued. This person is not "nice" in the worldly sense, but instead, is kind and truthful, attracting others to himself and to God. He is faithful, like a bird that mates for life.



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Oct 12, 2008

Search for Significance

RoseYou are good.
RoseYou are the Beloved of God.
Rose(Only because of the blood of Christ.)
RoseBut still -- your identity is changed forever.

As a reminder of this, it has helped me to put to memory a tip from Search for Significance, by Robert McGee:

"I am deeply loved,
completely forgiven,
fully pleasing,
totally accepted by God,
and absolutely complete in Christ."

Stop for a moment, and read that out loud if you are able. I wrote these words on index cards and put one on my bathroom mirror, another on my dashboard, and another in my wallet. (This is random, but you might put the same words with your mate's name on the mirror as well. It is easy to forget that our mates are creatures of infinite value and not our enemies!)

If you don't know in your gut (not just because "the Bible tells me so") but in your heart, emotions, and every fiber of your being that God loves you completely, then it is essential to keep the truth running through your mind until it sinks down into your heart ... for Satan is the "father of lies." If we keep our minds saturated with Truth, the evil one cannot touch us.

It is not enough to read this little series of blogs once and have victory over self esteem. We must have the weapons of truth secure in the arsenal of our minds--truth that we can access in those times when life changes in an instant.

The Search for Significance workbook is excellent for just that. As you work through the exercises, your self-esteem gradually becomes solidified, because it is based on the truth and the truth, my friend, will set you free.

Dove 2
Peace to you,
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